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Cross Colours X Nipsey Hussel

Nipsey Hussle signed on to Cross Colours Music. Glad to have him apart of the family.

Cross Colours signs a deal with Pep Williams.

Cross Colours has signed a deal with Pep Williams to be their new President over the S/D (Skate Division) department. Pep Williams is a highly respected pro skateboarder and a sought after photographer shooting for magazines and celebrities all over the world. Pep Williams born in Los Angeles and is a staple in the Skateboarding, Tattoo, and L.A. Culture lifestyles. From being in the industry since 1987 Pep Williams addition to Cross Colours will be a perfect union. He has shot for most of the top Street Wear, Skateboarding, and Lifestyle brands in the world over the past 17 years. Along with shooting for the brands he handles the marketing as well so he is on the forefront of whats new and happening.

 Cross Colours owned by Carl Jones a long time pioneer in the fashion world since 1989. Cross Colours was one of the top brands in the early 90′s to the 2000′s In 1993 alone sales soared to $89 million. In 2014 Cross Colours is making a fresh start as a multistyle street fa…