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Freeway Rick Ross

I Hooked up with the homie Freeway Rick Ross to knock out some flicks and check out his new book “Rick Ross the Untold Autobiography” People talk about running the streets and gangsters and all that and have no clue. This is bout as real as it gets. Scarface and all that are all movies and actors but This is The Real Rick Ross (not the correctional officer /rapper who took his name to sound cool). 
Between 1982 and 1989, federal prosecutors estimated, Ross bought and resold several metric tons of cocaine. In 1980 dollars, his gross earnings were said to be in excess of $900 million – with a profit of nearly $300 million. Converted roughly to present-day dollars: 2.5 billion gross, and $850 million in profit, respectively. During the height of his drug dealing, Ross was said to have sold "$3 million in one day. According to the Oakland Tribune, "In the course of his rise, prosecutors estimate that Ross exported several tons of cocaine to New York, Ohio, Pennsyl…

Pep Williams Shoots Freddy and Isaiah Negrete.

Pep Williams hooked up with the father and son Freddy and Isaiah Negrete at Shamrock Tattoo on the Sunset Strip for a quick photo session. Freddy Negrete is a legend in the tattoo world and his son is keeping the Negrete name a staple in the tattoo culture with the new generation. Pep Williams Photography

Pep Williams featured in the new Urban Ink Magazine #36

Look for the new issue of Urban Ink Magazine #36 with Che Mack on the cover. Pep Williams has a full 6 page spread featuring Sly Vicious and his newborn son. In stores now.

L.A. Kings WIn!

Congratulations to Mike Richards and the rest of the L.A. Kings for winning the Stanley cup.

Soul Sick Leather

If you haven’t heard of Soul Sick Leather before trust me after seeing Jackie Boy Mora’s leather work you will never forget it. The first thing you notice is the quality. Soul Sick Leather products are made in Los Angeles and built to last. Solid construction and stitching. Its the type of item you can pass down to your grand children. Every piece is one of a kind because Jackie dose everything by hand. From wallets, purses, belts, motorcycle seats, or anything leather Soul Sick Leather has you covered. When Jackie made me my wallet I was blown away when I saw it. When you hold a quality piece you know it. I have received Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry wallets as gifts and I have to say they don’t compare to Sick Soul Leather’s quality and construction. Don’t get me wrong the brands are dope and I like them but if you take off their logos and compare the leather and construction there is no contest. Soul Sick Leather all the way. Here are just a few samples of Jackie…