Friday, August 3, 2012

Agenda Show 2012

I rolled to AGENDA this year for several meetings. Didn’t get to walk the show much but still saw tons of new brands and its always cool catching up with my friends from all over the world.

Pep Williams - Daewon Song

O.G. Abel - Pep Williams

Mike Miller - Pep Williams 
Jeron Wilson - Pep Williams

SABER x Revok Art Show.

Last night I attended the SABER x REVOK show and Known Gallery in L.A. It was like a family reunion. Saw allot of my fam there. Of course the show was packed and the art work was killer as always. More pics coming.

Chad Muska - Pep Williams
Mr. Cartoon - Pep Williams

Pep Williams - Eriberto Oriol

Shifty’s Crazy Town

Shot Shifty’s Crazy Town a couple weeks ago and the shots I took turned out pretty cool. Look for new music by Shifty’s Crazy Town soon.

Shifty's Crazy Town.  Photo: Pep Williams
Spoon and Shifty. Photo: Pep williams

Spoon Martinez - Pep Williams - "Shifty" Seth Binzer