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Showing posts from October, 2011

Pep Williams shoots Mac Lucci. Behind the scenes.

Pep Williams, Mac Lucci, and the Crew.
Pep Williams shot Mac Lucci for Urban Ink Magazine and here a few behind the scenes shots. Also a couple sample pics from the shoot. More Pics

Help David Hackett.

Dennis Martinez,Jay Adams,Pep Williams,David Hackett
Recently my brother Dave had to have emergency colon cancer surgery. Thankfully the Hack Man pulled through. Due to lapsed insurance David is left with a $100,000 hospital bill.
David is one of the coolest guys I know and after over 50 years of skating one of the most respected and influential of all time.
I will be selling prints next week where proceeds will go to Hackett so look for that. You can also send a donation here. INFO HERE

Eriberto and Estevan Oriol “Like Father Like Son” Opening Night.

Eriberto Oriol,Pep Williams, Estevan Oriol
The Show was amazing . Walking in the door I saw all my peoples. There were photos from Estevan and Eriberto in 3 different rooms. Some of the photos I had never seen before. It’s hard to explain just how cool the exhibit is. You just gotta go check it out for your self. Here are some highlights from the opening night. Mad props to Eriberto and Estevan for a killer showing. Click the link for more pics. MORE PHOTOS HERE