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Ocean Gang Clothing- Soulja Boy!

Soulja Boy and Pep Williams.

Pep Williams hooked up with D Young and Soulja Boy yesterday and checked out their new clothing line Ocean Gang Clothing. The line is tight! From snapbacks, hoodies, and t shirts you’ll be swagged out 7 days a week. Check out the pics bellow on th link of Soulja Boy and Jeremy Rogers rocking Ocean Gang Clothing. More designs being added all of the time so check the site often. Ocean Gang Clothing

Pep Williams shoots Mac Lucci. Behind the scenes.

Pep Williams, Mac Lucci, and the Crew.
Pep Williams shot Mac Lucci for Urban Ink Magazine and here a few behind the scenes shots. Also a couple sample pics from the shoot. More Pics

Help David Hackett.

Dennis Martinez,Jay Adams,Pep Williams,David Hackett
Recently my brother Dave had to have emergency colon cancer surgery. Thankfully the Hack Man pulled through. Due to lapsed insurance David is left with a $100,000 hospital bill.
David is one of the coolest guys I know and after over 50 years of skating one of the most respected and influential of all time.
I will be selling prints next week where proceeds will go to Hackett so look for that. You can also send a donation here. INFO HERE

Eriberto and Estevan Oriol “Like Father Like Son” Opening Night.

Eriberto Oriol,Pep Williams, Estevan Oriol
The Show was amazing . Walking in the door I saw all my peoples. There were photos from Estevan and Eriberto in 3 different rooms. Some of the photos I had never seen before. It’s hard to explain just how cool the exhibit is. You just gotta go check it out for your self. Here are some highlights from the opening night. Mad props to Eriberto and Estevan for a killer showing. Click the link for more pics. MORE PHOTOS HERE

Smokey Robinson.

Smokey Robinson

Pep Williams and Smokey Robinson

There has been talk of Smokey Robinson possibly performing in Brazil soon. Let's hope the Rumors are true. Here is a link with a small writeup on his current album and samples of the songs. Enjoy. Smokey Robinson

URBAN INK Magazine Interviews Pep Williams

Cashis. Photo :Pep Williams. Photo of Pep Williams taken by Tamla Robinson.
Mr. and Mrs. Sly Vicious. Photos: Pep Williams
Jay Adams and Spanto. Photos: Pep Williams
Placaso Tatting up Huero. Photos: Pep Williams
Be sure to pick up the new URBAN INK magazine #20. This Issue features 2 really cool covers. One with WIZ KHALIFA on the cover and the other with PRODIGY on the cover.
From Hip Hop, Girls, Ink, and more how can you go wrong. I was stoked on my interview in the newest issue. URBAN INK Magazine, always a step ahead of the rest. Pep WIlliams Photography


Pep Williams in Sao Paulo, Brazil on the runway for SUMEMO Clothing. For more pics and video check here. SUMEMO

Pep Williams on B Real TV on the O Brown show!.

If you are near a computer this Sunday from 7- 10pm pst. check Pep Williams on B- Real T.V. B REAL T.V.

Jay Adams PepStar Skateboard Release Party.

It was a good time at Portfolio 360 in L.A. at Jay Adams deck release prty. Jay Adams and Pep Williams got together and created a killer deck. Check out the link for more pics. Jay Adams PepStar Skateboard Release Party.

Jay Adams Wedding / 50th Birthday.

This weekend Jay Adams and Tracy Adams had their Wedding part 2. They were married in Hawaii but wanted all their friends and family to be apart of the wedding here in Southern California. Also we were celebrating Jays 50th 1/2 birthday. It was held at the Etnies skatepark. Lots of people showed up from Dave Hackett, Marty Grimes, Pep Williams, Christian Hosoi, Tuma, Duane Peters, Tony Magnusson, Bobby from Tribal, Mike T, to hip hop Artists Cashis and O Brown and just about everyone else. King David come through and killed the mike. Dennis Martinez re-married them on side of the pool where everyone was skating. Friends, skating,and tacos. Can’t beat that. Bellow are some pics shot by Pep Williams. For more photos go here. Jay Adams WeddingPep Williams Photography

Pep Williams Hanging with SABER!

Pep Williams rolled over to SABER’s studio to hang a few hours. They had a chill time catching up talking about the old days and SABER schooled Pep Williams on the art game. Here are 2 videos of us talking about whats going on with his art and upcoming shows. Also you have to hear the part about him breeding Black Widow Spiders. It’s kind of cool.

For more pics and interview click HERE!!

New Jay Adams and Pep Williams Collaboration skateboard Deck.

Jay Adams hooked up with Pep Williams to do a limited deck on PepStar Skateboards. For more info on the deck please go here. Jay Adams New Deck

Ras Kass and Pep Williams.

Had a chane to hang with my bro Ras Kass. Here is a video with me and Ras and we are talking about how he got into Hip Hop.

Pep Williams Hanging with Cashis.

Cashis rolled by the house to kick it for a bit. We wound up talking all night to 4am. Cashis is one of the realest dudes out there and one of the dopest artists on Shady Records. So check out the interview and let me know what you think.
Pep Williams x Shock Mansion

Pep Williams Shoots and Interviews Sick Jacken.

Check out the interview here.
Interview and Shoot with Sick Jacken

New Jay Adams Deck on PepStar Skateboards!

The new Jay Adams Limited on PepStar Skateboards is a BEAST! 9×32.25 with a 15.5 wheelbase with graphics by Marcello Vercelli!!! Look for it out April 1st!!

Pep Williams Photography in the new Carne Magazine.

Carne Magazine is an incredible art magazine that feature artists from all over. The current issue features Pep Williams work along with other photographers, painters, designers, and more. You can download the entire issue from the site.

Pep Williams work shown at The Active Space in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Here is one of several pieces of Pep Williams work that will be shown at The Active Space in Brooklyn, NY. This one is labeled "Cashis".

For more information on the show please click here. THE ACTIVE SPACE!

Pep Williams shoots Cali Swag District.

Pep Williams hooked up with Cali Swag District to knock out some photos for Breaks Magazine. If you are not familar with CSD I guarantee you have heard their song "Teach Me How To Dougie" Click here for Video! Look for the interview in the new Breaks Magazine out soon.

Lost Angels special edition book.

38Timez magazine publishes an incredible book once a year called Lost Angels. From lowriding, to tattoos, music, and just about everything what L.A. street culture is about and beyond.
In this special edition book will be works from Pep Williams, Eriberto Oriol & Angelica, Estevan Oriol, Marco Patino, Elliot Gilbert, Mike Pickel, Edgar "OSOK" Hoill, and tons of other stories and photography. Quantities are limited. If you are interested in purchasing a book feel free to email here


Lost Angels Book.

Lomonzo Coleman in the new 38 Timez Magazine in Japan. Photos shot by Pep Williams.

Look for Lamonzo Coleman in the new 38 Timez Magazine comming out in Feb. Photos shot by Pep Williams.

Pep Williams Photography

Mini Clip of Photos.

A few photos taken from shoots Pep Williams did with Soulja Boy, Cashis, Kurupt Young Gotti, Alborosie, Estevan Oriol, Mr. Cartoon, Melody Ehsani, Ras Kass, 40 Glocc, Souldado, DJ Riff, Hussle Boyz, Nufsed, Romain Virgo, Lost Angeles Tattoo, Mac Lucci, Jay Adams, Sponto, Zulu Tattoo, Big Greg, Raquel for Bail, Garth Trinidad, Hustle Boyz, Lovelle Williams, Oscar Rm, OG RISK, Willie Dynomite, BABA, Trevelen Rabanal, Julie Houle, Marillest.

Pep Williams Shoots Nufsed.

Nufsed. Photo: Pep Williams.

Nufsed. Photo:Pep Williams.

Pep Williams hooked up with rap artist Nufsed to knock out some photos in the mountains. The idea was to be more on the fashion side of things. Crooks and Castles hooked up the wardrobe. Looks like it was a successful shoot.

Pep Williams Photography