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Showing posts from June, 2010

Pep Williams on WUN Radio!

Pep Williams 3rd Generation DogTown arm Tattoo.

Pep Williams will be on WUN Radio Wed June 30th at 12:30p pst. Talking about Skateboarding, Photography, and growing up in L.A.

Shoot with Lamonzo Coleman and Sleep.

Had a good shoot shooting Lamonzo and Sleep on a couple of cool street skating sessions.

Tribal Flowed me some Killer shades.

Thanks to OG Sushi and Carl over at Tribal for the Jefe shades. If you are in San Diego be sure to check them out.

Hanging with Alborosie.

Alborosie rolled through today while on his US tour.He came through with his people on his huge tour bus. Good times. We knocked out some cool flicks. Check out his video Kingston Town. DOPE!!

Shoot with Raquel. The Queen of Bail!

Check out her site. If you get in a jam and wind up behind bars hit Raquel up. She'll get you out fast!

Pep Williams at Diamond Suppy Co.

Pep Williams rolled into Diamond Supply Co in Los Angeles and the owner Nick Tershay surprised him with a limited edition Diamond Supply Co/HOSOI deck.

Pep Williams Photography Shown In Japan

Pep Williams Photography will be shown at Club Zion in Nagoya,Japan on June 21 and June 22 and Club JUMP in Shibuya, Japan on June 23 and June 24. Event is being put on by TSUYOSHI "sushi" TANAKA so you can expect some of the best Low Rider car clubs in Japan to be there. Also some of the top Graffiti Artist, break dancers, and skaters in japan will be there.