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Pep Williams hanging out with Taz Arnold, Flying Lotus and of course Thundercat!

Pep Williams hooked up with the guys to hang for a bit in L.A. 3 of the most talented guys in their field. These guys are pretty much running the fashion/music world. Seriously!If you want to check them out here is a bit of Taz Arnold Click here., Flying Lotus Click here, and Stephen "Thundercat" Brunner Click here.

Tamla Robinson's Birthday.

Part 1.Pep Williams and Tamla Robinson met up with Tamla's father Smokey Robinson,and Frances Robinson at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel to celebrate Tamla's birthday.

Part 2. later on that evening Pep and Tamla met up with Tamla's mother Claudette Robinson and other family and friends to celebrate Tamla's birthday at Bennihannas in Beverly Hills. Good food good times. Happy Birthdy Tamla!!!

Room 13 LA, Hold Up Art Gallery, and Contemporary Art Start The Gift of Art


Who: ROOM 13 LA, Hold Up Art, and Contemporary Art Start @ MOCA

What: A month-long exhibition and art event to benefit Room 13 LA

When: Friday, December 10, 2010 – January 8, 2011

Where: Hold Up Art, 358 East 2nd Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 | 213.221.4585 |

Why: 1) For the kids — all proceeds benefit the activities of Room 13 LA. 2) For the art—purchase, make, and learn all about art. 3) Because your purchase will actually give twice: the object of art to your recipient and the proceeds to Room 13 LA.

Artists Involved:

An unprecedented collaboration of students and LA’s best professional artists which includes a month long gallery show,art-related workshops and other events hosted by Hold Up Art, a gallery in the …

Jinxi Caddel!

Jinxi Caddel she is a tattoo collector and enthusiast with an infinite love for the "art of ink." She has co-written and edited two tattoo books and currently serve as editor and senior writer for a tattoo art publication. Through the years she has written about many areas of the tattoo world and ascertained quite a bit from her own experiences as well. Below you will find an always-expanding variety of tattoo-related topics.Be sure to check out her gallery section. Really cool pics. And she's mad cool!


Pep Williams Photography featured on The Dirt Floor Blog.

Pork Chop. Photo:Pep Williams
The Dirt Floor is a really cool blog covering Street Art, Photography, Graffiti, and much more from artists from all over the world. Be sure to check out the photography section showcasing some of Pep's work.

The Dirt Floor

Pep Williams Photography

Pep Williams on Baller Status. One of Hip Hops top websites.

Pep Williams holding is signature model.
Pep Williams Signature Model on PepStar Skateboards

Baller Status did a small write up on Pep Williams new signature model out on PepStar skateboards. Here is the write up- Pep Williams Signature Model Also the Baller Status is one of the top sources for whats going on in the Hip Hop World so be sure to bookmark the site.


Pep Williams Photography

Pep Williams and Soulja Boy.

Pep Williams and Soulja Boy.

Pep Williams hooked up with Soulja Boy to knock out some photos for Breaks and Thrasher Magazine. It was a chill time talking about skating and music. Look for the interview out in Breaks and Thrasher in the next issue. Pep hooked Soulja Boy up with his signature model skateboard at the recording studio.

Ras Kass, 40 Glocc, and Pep Williams.

Ras Kass and 40 Glocc. Photo: Pep Williams

Pep Williams hooked up with Ras Kass and 40 Glocc to knock out some pics in L.A.
Pep Williams Photography

Pep Williams shoots Cashis.

Cashis.Photo:Pep Williams
Cashis.Photo:Pep Williams

Hooked up with Cashis to knock out some flicks. He's one of Eminem's artists on Shady Records. Kid got skills on the mike.

New Pep Williams Pro Model out on PepStar Skateboards.

New Pep Williams Pro Model out on PepStar Skateboards. If you are looking for a deck that you can kill the streets, parks, and pools then you gotta check out Pep Williams new model. A sick 9×33 beast!

Pep Williams Shoots Mac Lucci, and the Phamous Nobodies.

Mac Lucci Photo:Pep Williams

Pep Williams

I hooked up with some homies on the South Side to knock out a shoot for Urban Ink Magazine. Look for the Issue out soon.

Pep Williams shoots Melody Ehsani.

Melody Ehsani. Photo:Pep Williams

Melody Ehsani. Photo:Pep Williams

I hooked up with Melody in L.A. to knock out some photos for a few mags. Melody is one of the coolest designers around. She makes some of the DOPEST shoes around and her jewelry is just too FLY! Allot of people bite her style but real recognize real. Check out her site MELODY EHSANIPep Williams Photography

Pep Williams shoots ZULU!

Zulu. Photo: Pep Williams

Pep rolled out to ZULU Tattoo to shoot Zulu. Zulu is one of the top tattoo artist around.For the past 17 years Zulu has been tattooing celebrities and people all over the world. You can see his site here. ZULU TATTOO

Pep Williams interview on Baller Status!

Pep Williams. Photo: Yuri Hasegawa.
Here is a cool Q&A with Pep Williams on Baller Status- Pep Williams Interview. Baller Status is one of the top urban lifestyle sites in the world. Covering Hip Hop, R&B, entertainment, fashion, gaming, electronics, and more. Check them out. BALLER STATUS!

Pep Williams shoots Estevan Oriol.

Estevan Oriol. Photo: Pep Williams

Estevan Oriol and Pep Williams.

Pep Williams hooked up with Estevan Oriol to shoot him for Breaks Magazine. Look for the interview and photos in the next issue of Breaks out soon. Pep Williams Photography

Pep Williams shoots D.I.S.

If you happen to have been on the Sunset Strip Sunday night and saw lights flashing and guys shooting in the middle of the strip it was probably Pep Williams shooting D.I.S. Here are a couple of pics from the shoot. Check out D.I.S. videos on this link. DOPE STUFF! D.I.S. Videos!

Lamonzo Coleman in the new PepStar Ad!

Check out Lamonzo Coleman in the new PepStar ad. Decks hitting Venice Originals Sept 7th 2010 and the rest of the world Sept 15th!

The 3 Queens over at Marillest surprise Pep Williams with a killer art Piece!

Arpa Sarian, Pep Williams, Piruz Dedeyan. Mari Nazaryan.

The 3 Queens (Right: Arpa Sarian. Center: Piruz Dedeyan. Left: Mari Nazaryan) over at Marillest Clothing came down and surprised Pep Williams with 5 custom boards hand painted by Mari. AWESOME! Check out their site here. Marillest Clothing!

Pep Williams Shoots RISK!


RISK at his shop in Echo Park. Photo: Pep Williams.

If you are in L.A. be sure to check out RISK's shop "L.A. MONTANA". The only true spray paint store in the U.S.A. RISK is about O.G> as it gets in the graffiti world. Has about 3 decades under his belt as a graffiti artist from L.A. His shop is located at 1528.5 Sunset Bl. Located in Echo Park.

Pep Williams shoots Jay Adams in Hawaii for 2 Covers for Concrete Wave Magazine.

Pep Williams holding the 2 covers he shot for Concrete Wave Magazine.

Jay Adams. Photo:Pep Williams.

Jay Adams. Photo:Pep Williams

In July 2010 Concrete Wave Magazine flew Pep Williams out to the North Shore in Hawaii to shoot Jay Adams for 2 magazine covers. Here are the covers.

New SRH ad shot by Pep Williams.

Look for the new ad shot by Pep Williams featuring Neil Heddings. Ad will be in Thrasher, Surfer, Transworld, and other skate, surf, lifestyle magazines.

SRH Website
Pep Williams Photography

Pep Williams signing at the SRH fest.

Pep Williams signing posters for fans at the SRH Booth.

Pep Williams backstage with Killem Gillem supporting SKINNIE Magazine.

SRH threw a huge SRH Festval with a insane line up. The KOTTONMOUTH KINGS, The DIRTY HEADS, (hed)p.e., UNWRITTEN LAW, and others. Tons of SRH fans cruised by the SRH booth to meet Pep Williams and other team members get their posters and shirts signed.

SRH Website.

Pep Williams photo shoot with Sick Jacken.

Sick Jacken.

Sick Jacken.

Sick Jacken

Sick Jacken and Pep Williams

Pep and Jack hooked up to knock out some shots. Big Thanks to Toomer!

Pep Williams Photography displayed at CAAM Museum for the "HOW WE ROLL" exhibit in Los Angeles

Pep Williams in front of the CAAM Museum displaying 8 of his photos. Pep is actually in 2 of them skating. A total of 10 images all 9x4 feet tall. Photo: Lorena Snodgrass.

Images on the West side of the building. Pep is on the image to the Left. Photo Mitch Reiter.

Images on the East side of building. You can see Pep to the right. Photo: Jason Rogers.

There is also a section on skateboarders who have had a large impact on the skateboarding world over the decades. Pep Williams has a section displaying a portrait painted of him by Chase Tafoya, a couple of custom boards and several magazine covers and ads he has been on.

If you are in L.A. be sure to check out "HOW WE ROLL" Exhibition at the California African American Museum. It will run for 5 months until DEC. When entering the museum, viewers experience an eye-gasm of artwork galore in an 11,000 square foot enclosed modern courtyard. The 5,100 cubic feet of wall space allows the skateboarders (who are also the artists, pho…

New Breaks Magazine.

Be sure to pick up the new Breaks Magazine. Pep photographed 3 artists for this issue. Kurupt, Alborosie, and Romain Virgo. Check it out. Vol.2 Issue 5. Breaks Magazine
Pep Williams Photography

Chase Tafoya and Pep Williams

Pep hooked up with Chase Tafoya to give him one of his photographs as a gift he shot for a gallery show. Also look at the incredible painting Chase Tafoya did of Pep Williams.

Chase Tafoya

Pep Williams