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Pep Williams Shoots Billboard with Leica Monohrom for Margraves.

Pep Williams shoots for Margraves in Los Angeles. The camera used was the Leica Monochron 246. If you ever wondered about the quality of a Leica M this will give you an idea of how big you can go with the files. If you are in Los Angeles this billboard is located on Wilshire and Highland.

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Pep Williams speaking at Palm Springs Photo Festival.

Pep Williams speaking at the 2018 Palm Springs Photo Festival for A&I Fine Art Photography. An amazing week of workshops, speakers, and amazing photographers.

Leica Rumors with Pep Williams

Leica Rumors, one of the top photography related blogs in the world featured Pep Williams new photography series "Out Of Bounds". Images taken in a California State Prison. Pep Williams on Leica Rumors.

Leica Shares Pep Williams work on PetaPixel

PetaPixel one of the leading photography blogs in the world featured Pep Williams photography series on the images he shot in 2 California State Prisons. Leica Camera USA shared it on their facebook. If you have not seen the post here is the link. Leica - PetaPixel - Pep Williams

Pep Williams Speaks at Leica Store Los Angeles.

Pep Williams had the honor of speaking at Philip Cuenco Leica M10 class.  Pep Williams spoke about his new series "Out Of Bounds". The series shot in a California State Prison.

Pep Williams Photography displayed at Good Art HLYWD

Good Art HLYWD held a grand opening of their new amazing space in Los Angeles. Many flew in from all over the wold to attend. Amazing custom made jewelry were on display showing for the first time at the event. Pep Williams photography was displayed along with Shepard Fairey's work.

Pep Williams Speaks at UC Irvine at Connecting Things.

Pep Williams Speaking at UC Irvine at Connecting Things to a room filled up to its capacity speaking about his new photography series "Out Of Bounds". The seriesare images shot inside Chuckawalla State Prison. I'm sorry if you tried to RSVP and couldn't. It filled up fast. There will be more to come. Thank you @amyhoodlum @thegoodhood #PepWilliams#connectingthings#fineartphotography#thisislosangeles#leica#speakerseries#dogtown#skatelegends